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We defend your rights in criminal proceedings

We are specialists in Criminal Law. We defend your interests as an accuser or defendant. We provide comprehensive advice on criminal matters. Good advice is essential to achieve the best results.

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With our legal assistance, you can feel safe during the criminal process.
The presence of lawyers specialised in the matter increases the client’s confidence, which allows better progress in criminal defence.

Our virtues are:  

  • Knowledge 
  • Experience
  • Honesty
  • Understanding of the client’s situation

We accompany our client throughout the criminal process. Both in the investigation stage and in the oral trial.
From the moment the complaint is received, our team will be available to the client.

  • Personal advice
  • Assistance to detainees
  • Legal presence in all procedural acts
  • We carry out an in-depth analysis of the case with specialists in Law
  • Penalty to ensure the best possible defence
  • Request for release
  • Resource

We draft criminal complaints in defence of the interests of the victim of any crime.

  • Comprehensive advice in relation to the initiation of criminal proceedings
  • Drafting of complaint
  • Planning of accusatory strategy
  • Accompaniment to the client to all the procedural acts that summon him
  • Detailed analysis of the facts to guarantee the best possible complaint

Since the entry into force of the latest reforms of the Penal Code, legal persons can be criminally prosecuted.
Our office has specialists in the criminal defence of legal entities.

  • We provide the most complete advice to the Legal Entity
  • We accompany the representative of the organisation throughout the entire process
  • Economic crimes
  • Crimes against the person: homicide; injuries; etc.
  • Slander and insults
  • Reckless crimes
  • Crimes against natural resources and the environment
  • Crimes against public health
  • Crimes against public administration

We provide support and advice services to lawyers and law firms that wish to improve the quality of their services in criminal matters

  • Case analysis
  • Evaluation of defensive strategies
  • Preparation of final reports
  • Examination of witnesses and experts
  • Evacuation of consultations to receive a second opinion
  • Resource writing

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We have lawyers specialised in Criminal Law. We offer unique academic support in Alicante

We guarantee the best defence of your interests in matters of Criminal Law.

We forge a professional relationship with our clients where trust is the main key

A good criminal defence must be carried out by a specialist. In our office we have invested time and resources to be the best

Business crimes

Criminal Liability of the Legal Entity

Currently, the legal person may be liable for criminal offenses. Quite simply: you can commit crimes.

Obviously, the ideal persons (a corporation, limited company, etc.), will be responsible when a member of the organization commits one of the crimes foreseen for legal persons without their having prevented it.

Reason for Criminal Responsibility

Legal entities will be criminally liable due to an “organizational defect”. This means that, when the conditions provided by law are met, if the organization was not “well organized”, that is, it did not have an effective compliance program in place, it could be criminally sanctioned.

Our team​

Valentin Quiroga Martínez - Socio / Director

Valentin Quiroga Martinez

Specialist with more than twenty years of experience in fiscal and tax law; administrative law; commercial law; and criminal law.

Dr. Juan F. Sanchez Otharan - Socio

Dr. Juan F. Sanchez Otharan

Professional with more than 15 years of experience in legal advice to individuals and companies. Doctor of law, specialist in criminal law.

Hong He - International Desk

Hong He
International Desk

More than 15 years of experience in business administrative matters. It has a strategic view of the various situations and adversities.

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